Ongoing Technical Difficulties Are Challenging

Not exactly certain why, but I have been experiencing a plethora of technical issue regarding this particular blog. The most important has been my inability to access any of the┬áProfessor’s web sites. Hopefully, these challenges will be rectified within the next few days and I will be able to make legitimate entries based on our class assignments. Paying attention in class has been the easy part. Navigating WordPress has been a bloody nightmare….


Module #7: Class 3/08/13

I. OWA – Organization of Women Architects (4/13 @ UC Berkeley – $10)
Interior Design
IIDA (Commercial)
AISD (residential)
OWA (Women)

II. Blog Updates / # of Entries Required

III. Industry / Career Path

IV. Parts to Whole Lecture

V. Follow-up on Greenopedia

VI. TAKE HOME MID-TERM DUE 1200 3/16/13!!!

Planning on Being an Architect?
Step #1: Meet Education Requirement (Need B.Arch. or M.Arch).
Step #2:
Step #3:
Step #4: Meet Licensure Requirement.
Step #5: Get Certified by NCARB.

Any Bachelor’s Degree can be helpful in future licensure !!!

11 Modules NEEDED for Final (1 per each class)

Personal Stress Reduction…

Greetings from the abattoir of incongruous preparatory educational enigmas. Having lived over a decade without a functional computer, or having the proper training to operate the bloody things, it has been an incredibly steep learning curve for the last year. I finally have some of the kinks out of my WordPress blog[s], but have a long way to go before I feel very comfortable with this technological marvel. The next 10 weeks shall be very interesting…