Module #8: Presentation by Bob Habian, Architect & Entrepreneur April 5, 2013

This was perhaps the most valuable two hours I have spent this century. His attitude and humble humor validated virtually everything I have been trying to accomplish in this life. The neo-Buddhist/Taoist concept of “live in the moment” was exemplified by his description of how to focus on the goal first; the path to completion may come in very different guises, but having a presumed destination is the initial point to focus upon.

I found it truly impressive that he would forego the generic demonstration of his product, in favor of conversing with the students and exploring their concepts of reality. This came from a multi-millionaire! He wanted to expound his knowledge and help generate a new ability to comprehend the world and our places in it. Rather than using a bogus sales technique, Bob became familiar with his audience, sympathized with them, and showered us with an oddly simple, but dynamic way of looking at the universe. While I was aware of and try to practice this ideology, many other class members are not familiar with Eastern Philosophies. Their eyes were not glazed over by the long-windedness of his presentation; they were engaged at every step of the way, and their definition[s] of success was dramatically changed in the most positive way imaginable.

I have been utilized as a “problem solver” for about 40 years. To have the unique ability to grasp diverse subjects and find a way to the solution, is a rare trait. To become licensed in such an endeavour provides even greater validity and marketability. While I will probably never attain the A.I.A. certification Bob has achieved, I am certain that my XX number of years experience in a wide range of fields, as well as the pending A.A., B.A., and M.A. degrees I am seeking, will provide sufficient marketability as a “Problem Solver”. This was a fantastic class, and he should periodically teach one day seminars in every public school. The world would be a better place…