Module #1: What Architects Do?

Bubble Diagram1Gorgeous Mountainside Home with Panoramic Views-49-3

This was an interesting introduction to the course and helped provide some examples of what exactly architects and designers do in the modern world. Traditionally, most people think of an architect as a man who draws the plans for a building. Nothing much else is considered. Much the same, designers are theoretically women who like to buy fancy furnishings and provide some kind of artistic discipline to furnishing a building. These antiquated ideas may still be prevalent, but are so far from reality that it is similar to comparing riding a horse to driving a Lamborghini. They are still two ways of getting from point A to point B, but light-years different in technological requirements. 150 years ago, an architect could master all facets of his profession, and might rarely consult experts in esoteric features he did not commonly work with. Today, the architect must become specialized into a smaller aspect of the mission, simply because it is impossible to be an expert in so many diverse and complicated arts and sciences.
Similarly, designers must now specialize in specific attributes of their craft, because there are far too many diverse styles to be adept at each and every one. Some may be reasonably close, but with the huge disparity of such styles, it might require a Doctorate just to begin being considered competent.


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