Module #11: Urbanism and Context and Operations

While I currently live in an urban environment, I abhor cities. Unfortunately, they are the only functional future for humanity. Whether they reflect the slumish sprawl of Mexico City, or the lavishness of Doha, remains to be determined more by the political and ideological evolution of the species, than anything a professional designer would have sufficient authority to impose. If the standards are such that the powers-that-be continue to export jobs to whatever third-world locale they can damage, then the economic vitality of the Western world will continue to decline until there is virtually nothing left. There is some validity in the political film Zeitgeist Addendum, in the hopes that in the reasonably near future almost all of our needs have been automated, and humanity can transcend into a nearly utopian existence, where the sole interest is in finding something new to learn. I believe we can get there, but am not very optimistic as to the nature of the path there….


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