Module #9: Visit to P.G. & E. Center

EL_LB_Hero_Img_D2_01EL_LB_Body_Img_H_VisNavEL_LB_Body_Img_F_VisNavOf all the possible field trips available, I believe the visit to the P.G.&E. center was the most beneficial to the entire class. There are sufficient displays of technical apparatus to inspire the geekdom of anyone, and the access to tools and equipment for measurement of various energy related circumstances is crucial to any professional attempt to understand the best possible result for a customer. I was particularly fascinated by the lighting room and the tremendous number of displayed options available. This assists in the design of every portion of the home, office, retail, or industrial application of lighting.
While there was ample information about alternative energy sources, the primary focus was on lighting, and it showed an incredible depth of knowledge necessary for energy independence. The only hope is that more professionals utilize this resource and not just force-feed antiquated technology upon their consumers.


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